Thursday, March 29, 2012

Racing horses and racing dogs

While I've never been a big fan of horse-racing, I can certainly appreciate it from an aesthetic sense. Horses are magnificent beasts, and although it's been years, I've had the pleasure of riding them on more than one occasion. On a recent thrifting adventure, I caught sight of a horse motif (once again, in the women's scarves), and pulled it out only to find that at 13 inches square, it was going to be the newest addition to my slowly-growing pocket square collection.

pocket square

It's 100% silk, made in France and printed with the name Daniel La Forêt, which, at least based on internet searches, isn't particularly sought-after. That said, the silk is super soft without being flimsy and with hand-rolled edges and a crisp print it seems like the quality on it is above average (and at $1.99, a bargain).

horses detail

Like a lot of great printed pocket squares, it's one of those pieces that has such a keen level of detail that it's almost frustrating to know that most of the design is going to end up stuffed down into a pocket.

dog socks

Zooming into completely different territory, it seems that I have a hard time passing up whimsical motifs of just about any nature these days, so when I ran across these socks recently at Target (in a 2-pack with a more staple print at $1.99), I again had to drop 2 bills.

I've already featured our dogs a couple times on this site, and while these socks appear to feature Greyhounds (or possibly Whippets), I couldn't resist. With the bases at least partially covered on birds, whales, lobsters, and the aforementioned horses, it was time to include yet another member of the animal kingdom.


  1. I am phenomenally jealous of your find. That is precisely what I have been looking for to function as a headscarf (see: Jackie O.) in the upcoming months. I did not know exactly what I wanted until I saw this picture. Well at least I now have key terms to hunt for on ebay. Well thrifted.

  2. I was pondering purchasing a Racing horse themed necktie, but decided against it because I am not a horse rider anymore or a race attendee anymore. Hmmm, maybe I should have made the buy....
    Great post!

  3. Nice. Very nice. I seriously consider pretty much anything with an animal or hunting/fishing motif while thrifting. Just today I bought a positively huge brass belt buckle with an elk on it and passed on a tie embroidered with fishing flies due to stains.

  4. Part of the fun of pocket squares is that the design is hidden from the world. This means you choose them for color, and that you can wear whatever you like and almost no one will be the wiser.

    Great find.

    I almost got anchor-patterned socks at Target, but realized that I would wear them so little as to make the investment unwise, especially in light of my limited budget. But in the right place and time, such socks are really fun.