Thursday, January 12, 2012

Style Share return: Liberty of London tie

Another excellent return, this one from December.

Liberty of London tie

This Liberty of London paisley (which I couldn't quite figure out was ancient madder or not) was claimed by JKG.

Liberty tie + pocket square

photo courtesy JKG

Here's a shot that he sent along, with the details, in his words.

The lovely tie (thank you) is matched with a spruce-colored merino vest, a blue-on-blue stripe pattern jacket worn as an odd, and a pale blue shirt which has dark blue, light brown and yellow pinstripes (though the colors are difficult to discern). Below, mid-grey flannels (with an ADG-approved 2" cuff), dark olive socks with a finely-spaced horizontal khaki stripe and lastly, Florsheim Imperial longwings of some vintage, pebble grain cigar and ever-so-slightly too large for my foot.

Liberty tie detail

photo courtesy JKG

And another good detail shot, for good measure. From the description, those shoes sound a lot like a pair that I own. Thanks to JKG for participating.


  1. I like it : all the stuff seems soft and warm, really nice colours, but I would like to see the whole outfit : trousers have to be considered.

  2. Those are the shoes, MM. Thanks for the tie!