Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Style Share return: Tyrolean hat

I'll be back soon with some posts from yours truly, but I've gotten a batch of returns in the past couple days and they'll be hitting the site over the next week or so as well. This time, it's the Tyrolean hat from just earlier this month.

wool hat

It was claimed by repeat contributor TDP.

Tyrolean hat return

photo courtesy TDP

I'll let him give the details on ensemble.

I paired it, completely incongruously, with a Turnbull and Asser silk scarf, vintage navy cashmere overcoat, Lands' end destroyed cream cotton trousers, and Borgioli mahogany captoes. Unseen: Kiton wool grey unstructured glen plaid jacket with subtle pink overcheck, and Pink spread-collar shirt from a downtown italian camiceria.

I am jealous of this get-up, partially because it's been too warm here to even attempt such layering, and partially because I was never able to leave the house wearing this hat myself. :)

As usual, I thank TDP for his return contribution, and for everyone who has played along so far.

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