Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall tweener

We've been having one of those falls where it starts out pretty chilly in the morning, but by mid-afternoon is settling in somewhere in the low 60s or so. It's been sunny and dry, and despite some brisk wind, fairly unseasonable and nice.

Because of the cooler commutes on my bike rides to work, I've broken out slightly warmer clothing, but I wanted to keep things in line with the sunny and nice temps yesterday, so I went with a medium-weight herringbone tweed jacket in light brown and cream. Paired it up with a pink and white university stripe oxford and one of the brighter ties from this early summer haul.

jacket and tie

Down below I wore some khaki-colored corduroys that sort of blended into the cream color of the jacket and my well-worn and well-loved Clark desert bucks.

down low

The resulting combination was something that managed to keep me warm on the ride in, but was perfectly agreeable when the sun was beaming down its slowly dying rays later in the day.

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  1. Very interesting, classic look. Perfect shoes for the outfit.