Monday, November 8, 2010

Riddle me this: How can a suit be so ugly and so cool?

One of the reasons I don't post many pictures and links to a lot of new fashion pieces on this blog is because they're things that are simply out of my price range. I've never paid $100 for a pair of pants, and I've never dropped $300 (or even half that) on a pair of shoes, and really I can't imagine doing so in the future. I limit my budget and love the thrill of the bargain hunt, and this small corner of the internet tries to reflect such.

Having said that, if I were rich and a little bit more eccentric and had a place to store it properly, I would probably be tempted to bid on this auction, which is for Frank Gorshin's Riddler Costume from the First Episode of the original Batman television series from the late 60s.

Riddler suit

Holy insane lining Batman!

It's one of the more hideous / beautiful / insane / eyeball-popping suits I've ever seen, and yet there's something about it. Oh yeah, and I know I mentioned it before, but look at that damn lining!


  1. Well, this suit definitely is an eye-catcher...but honestly, how would you be able to wear it?

    Nice that this thing has been made for a tv show, but you probably wouldn´t be able to sport it in real life.

    One thing´s for sure, though: you gotta love vintage stuff, nothing better than the thrill of successfull hunting :)

  2. Even if I could afford it, I would never wear it. It's a museum piece; an insanely loud suit that's an ode to a hilariously kitschy television show that was at the same time oddly entertaining.

    Even if it were ready-to-wear, you're right in that it would be nearly impossible to pull off style-wise.

    It puts the "hell" in "go to hell" in so many ways, but it's charming and reminds me of a certain part of my childhood, so I love it for that.