Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wooly for winter

The worst winter in years has decided to continue to stick around, so my wardrobe hasn't shifted a great deal over the course of the past couple weeks. The daily outfit basically consists of some sort of dark pants, a dress shirt or oxford with a tie, and a sweater of varying weight over the top.

This last week was particularly pesky, with a couple daytime highs that didn't even get close to double digits. One morning I had to take our car into the dealer to get a recall issue fixed, and the temp when I left the house was -20 (Fahrenheit) with the wind chill.

To combat this, I broke out one of my warmest combos, which included 100% wool Gap (which look nicely vintage) pants ($4) and one of my rather standard Arrow dress shirts ($1) with one of my favorite sweaters. I'm not sure why I'm so fond of the older military-style black cable wool sweater (I see them all the time, but mine was well worth the $1 I paid for it), but there it is. It has thick padded patches on the elbow and a padded area on the right breast area, as well as epaulettes on the shoulders.

By itself the sweater seems a bit on the serious side (which is perhaps obvious given it's intended purpose), so I decided to pair it with one of my more playful vintage silk ties. I'm not sure if it works. I think it does.

Even with the wind temperature what it was, I actually found myself getting slightly on the warm side as I scraped some ice of the windshield of the car before making my morning journey.

Wool. For The Win.

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