Monday, February 15, 2010

A hint of things to come?

Although I've run across some nicer winter items lately, a couple thrift finds from today make me think that we're on the verge of getting out of this winter funk. If not, then these items are certainly teases.

First up is a pair of Louis Raphael seersucker pants. I've been holding out for a pair in my size since last summer, and I finally ran across this nice 100% cotton pair in a 36/34 (the waist seems a bit smaller than the listed size, but that's fine by me). I know I could have just bought a pair new, but that's not really my style. Besides, these were $4, and look like they haven't been worn (although they're going to need a good steam before I break them out).

The second find (for $1) was this slick square-end tie with the department store hanger tag still on it. It's kind of a shiny woven thing that would probably work just fine during these cool months, but the blue is going to be cracking electric when the sun comes out and it finally starts to warm up.

I can feel it. Can't you?

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