Monday, February 8, 2010

One off: Blue gabardine suit + puppy

My wife is also an aficionado of thrift store shopping, and a part of that is a side business selling some of the things she finds in order to fund the purchase of her other clothes. I've done the same thing for years with music (buy low and sell higher to fund more purchases).

At any rate, sometimes there's an article of clothing that's close to fitting me, and I get to be the model. This particular suit was a sweet dark blue gabardine number from the 50s that ended up being just a bit too large on me. C'est la vie.

A small terrier completes the ensemble

I coupled it with one of my many skinny sharkskin ties (this one was $1) and a plain white dress shirt. Oh, and my vintage Florsheims, which were purchased for $2 and re-heeled and cleaned up for $13. Easily one of my better finds (they'll make a re-appearance later with more detailed pictures).

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