Thursday, March 7, 2013

Style Share Return: Red Italian tie

Recently received another Style Share return from the month of December. Reminded me that I should probably do another one soon, and I will within the month of March.

Red Italian tie

This lightweight, nice Italian silk number was claimed by the UK-based Bruce Partington-Plans.

Italian red tie

Photo courtesy Bruce Partington-Plans

As usual, I'll let him give the details.

The shirt's nothing to write home about but the jacket was another charity (thrift) store steal from a couple of years ago. Hanging on a rail surrounded by polyester raincoats and leather jackets, this wonderful wool jacket made by Magee of Ireland would probably have cost upwards of £265 ($413) when it was new and it came home with me for £5 ($7.50)! The pictures from my ancient digital camera really don't do it justice - the deep russet brown with red herringbone and blue check made it the perfect choice to go with this tie.

I always love it when readers combine their thrift scores with a return, as I know it makes me excited to know that others are out there finding great stuff (and honestly, it just makes me want to get out myself).

Thanks again to Bruce Partington-Plans for participating.

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  1. Very nice! I like how the tie coordinates without matching.