Sunday, July 22, 2012

Style Share return: Two-tone cufflinks

Last month, I broke from tradition a bit and offered up a batch of cufflinks on Style Share. I wasn't sure how well they'd go over, but the minimum got claimed and there was interest in others as well. Perhaps I'll offer a few more in the future.

links 5

Bruce Partington-Plans claimed these chunky silver tone brushed/matte deco style numbers.


Photo courtesy Bruce Partington-Plans

As always, I'll let the recipient (him) explain...

The shirt that I thought would be the equal of the 'links was quite possibly my find of the year - an Ede & Ravenscroft two-fold cotton black/blue pinstripe number. Ede & Ravenscroft is the oldest tailor in London (est. 1689) and holds the Royal Warrant (i.e. Purveyors to The British Royal Family). Their off-the-peg shirts usually start around £70 ($110). I found my one, hardly worn, in a local charity (thrift) shop for - £3 ($5)! The woven silk tie is also a second-hand find and another good old British name - Wolsey - for only £1 ($1.50). I think the pattern sits well with that found on the cufflinks.

A fellow thrifter from across the pond! Thanks again to Bruce Partington-Plans for participating.

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  1. Thanks again, sir! I've been wearing them quite a bit lately, too.

    I'm relieved that at least one of my photos turned out OK. Good to see you posting again; keep up the good work.