Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something old(er), something new(ish)

I've lamented my lack of summer-weight sport coats a lot on this blog, but over the course of the past month I've run across several great pieces. A couple of them have gone into regular rotation, and a couple more of them will be added to that cycle as soon as my tailor returns from a family vacation to Greece.

My most recent (and current favorite) find is this light blue, almost chambray-colored 100% cotton number. Many will scoff at the brand name (Stafford), but it's vintage and fairly well made. Considering it set me back a whole $6 and fit me dang well right off the (thrift) rack, I'm not about to get too snobby with labels.

cotton and cotton madras

I paired this new find with one of my favorite ties in my entire collection, a find from way back when I first started this blog. I've found more madras since the three in that linked post, but they're still some of my favorites.

Not quite as sweltering here, but still very, very warm. With a couple months of summer left, I should probably just buckle down and quit complaining, as it sounds like it might be the new norm.


  1. I'm jealous of the jacket—it's really nice! I recently found a jacket in a similar color, but unfortunately, it's in a cotton/poly blend. I say "unfortunately" only because the polyester makes it wear warmer than I would like for a summer jacket.

    New Stafford is garbage. Older Stafford is OK.

    Here on the chilly Central California Coast, I end up wearing my madras ties with tweed jackets. Hey, I gotta stay warm while I enjoy the season!

  2. Very nice combo...the pocket square works ideally because the red brings out the red in the tie. Excellent choice of colors and combinations. Looks very comfortable.