Saturday, September 24, 2011

Casual Friday

I work in an environment that doesn't necessarily require that I wear a tie most days, but I've made a habit of it over the years and my co-workers somewhat independently (and somewhat possibly partially influenced) have largely followed suit. I have interactions with a lot of different people from a rather vast strata of pay grades, and while I certainly can't make any real claims that dressing nicer has helped said interactions, I really do think it helps.

While I certainly wouldn't consider our department a bunch of sartorially obsessed folks, it's certainly noticed (and commented on) when someone is really rocking it, and like the virtual giveaways in Style Share, I've hooked up everyone in the office with ties and other random stuff that I've come across that I think they'd like.

That said, sometimes they've given me a bit of good-natured ribbing when I wear something a little bit more daring, and I'm fine with that. It's never been mean-spirited, and heck, I probably deserve it... Yesterday, I wore an ascot, and even though I knew I'd probably catch a few comments for it, I didn't expect them to start passing photoshopped images around the office near the end of Friday afternoon...

ascot meme

Instead of being offended, I found it hilarious, and while a lot of them are definitely insider-baseball in terms of massive geek-speak, I was flattered that they tried to make me into an internet meme.


  1. Sharp! Soon you'll be as well-known as Guido Jesus.

  2. That's funny.

    Ascots are probably an open invitation for hijinks and tomfoolery, but I admire your conviction.

  3. They made a meme of you! Awesome! I like the Dos Equis guy references.

    It's funny how something like an ascot is almost rebellious these days.

    Also, definitely didn't peg you for a programmer. I used to be one as well.

  4. David: I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore programmer. More of a dilettante who is really good at html and css, but can only stumble my way through js and php. At least I'm a graphics ninja... :)

    JKG: Like I said, I know I brought it on myself, but it was comfortable and I liked the look, so I rolled with the (albeit, gentle) punches.