Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black and Blue

It's been that kind of summer. On top of welcoming a child into our lives, things have just been incredibly busy in every way. Work is slammed busy, which is certainly not bad considering the alternative, and most nights I come home and either don't have the time or simply forget to take a picture of anything I'm wearing. I'm under no delusions that anyone is coming to this site for fashion advice, but the little part of me that isn't incredibly self conscious started this blog to try and document me developing my own personal style.

It's just starting to creep into my favorite season now, with slightly cooler temperatures that are more befitting tweeds and slightly more layering, which my wardrobe in general is more suited for (although I've certainly built up my warm-weather garments over the years). Today, there was just enough chill in the air to finally break out my vintage velveteen jacket, and I kept it fairly conservative with a few pops of color.

black and blue combo

For some reason or another, my camera didn't want to cooperate on the full-body shots, so this is a rather poor representation of my outfit, which consisted of aforementioned jacket, a pair of navy blue Lands' End pants, a blue/white university stripe oxford, and a super-chubby wool tie. Burgundy penny-loafers cap my feet.

black and blue detail

As I mentioned above, I tried to keep things fairly conservative in terms of overall colors (with only really 4 represented in total with black, blue, red, and white), yet really set things apart with texture. The smooth, soft jacket was in definite contrast to the bright, sharp edges of the pocket square, with the thick wool tie (in somewhat similar colors) tying back into the pants, shirt, and square. I know that matching pocket square with tie is a rather major faux pas (one that I've been guilty of on more than one occasion), but with the drastically different textures between the two, I felt like I could get away with it here.


I'm going to get back to a normal posting schedule here soon, I think.


  1. Incredibly refined and classic look. I really like the tie/pocket square combination. Glad you had a moment to post this!

  2. Yep, must agree. Another sharp combination of various pieces to form a very pleasing ensemble. By the way, look for a style share photo, or two from me in the next few days. I'll enlist my wife this weekend to snap a few pictures of me with the necktie you recently sent my way.

    Best Regards,

    Ulrich von B.

  3. On the ps/tie: They "go together" but I wouldn't say they were a match. Different reds, more splash in the square, different fabrics. Provided you weren't wearing red socks, I'd say you were well in the clear.

    It's the ps/tie made of identical cloth that gives you that "straight from Macy's with the shirt" look.