Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yay or nay? The Trenker.

Sometimes I see a unique item of clothing at a thrift store, and before I've even really thought about what I'm going to wear it with (or what my wife will think of it), I'm out the door with purchase in hand.

I suppose that's the best way to describe the purchase of this hat, which I got earlier this summer on a whim for $3.

wool hat

It's a vintage, 100% wool Bavarian-style hat (which I've seen referred to as a "Trenker hat," after the film star Luis Trenker) and I think it will look pretty okay if I team it up with the right combination this fall or winter. Maybe with something like this?

My wife, however, thinks that it looks far too Sound Of Music and is giving more than subtle nudges that I should re-donate it before it even makes one appearance on my head outside our house.

Who's right on this one?


  1. Sorry, unless you are leading the Von Trapp children through the Swiss Mountains to escape the Nazis, I would take a big pass on that chapeau!

  2. That hat does have a Von Trappish air...

    Mister Midwester, I think I visited your garage sale a week or two back. If it was you, I picked up a rust coloured EB sweater that fits great, thanks. Hope y'all made a killing. And if we do share the same locale, I'm pretty sure you're gonna get a ribbing for that hat. But sometimes thats what dressing with style is all about around here. Good luck.


  3. Wow, it's truly a small world Mark.

    I'm guessing that was our sale, as I remember pricing the exact sweater that you bought (although those two days were an absolute blur and I don't remember you buying it). I'm actually kind of curious how you found the site, as I've only told one person I know in town about it (you needn't answer that if you don't want to).

    At any rate, the voting is running about even right now on the hat (I also had an off-site yay), so this one may get worn yet... :)

  4. It is a small world...I found this site via Giusseppe in Boston. I used to thrift many years ago, got out of the habit, and decided I was tired of looking like a slob and started researching thrifting bloggers. I had my suspicions we were in the same neck of the woods when you featured some thrifted ties a while back, but I didn't really put it together until I saw your picture linked in the above post.

    I do hit the thrift stores pretty regularly, but I don't think we'll be in much competition, you're tall and slender, and my proportions will soon be trollish as I approach middle age.

    Good luck with that hat. I found a very tweedy RL hat over at the thrift on 48th and Leighton. Its begging to be worn when the days get crisp, but my wife says it makes me look like Dom Deloise, so I'm still contemplating it.


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