Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A couple scores

Was a totally random night on the thrift-run this evening. First off, ran across a lovely cedar Russel Wright gravy dish (or baker bowl, I'm not certain). Our household gets a bit weak in the knees for pretty much anything RW, so this minty condition piece was snatched up without hesitation for only $4.99.

Russel Wright, so suave

The next nice find was a couple cashmere sweater vests in the very wearable colors of gray and light brown. No nibbles or fuzz balls at all, I was sold for $1.50 each (originally $2.99, but it was half-off evening).

Next was a pair of semi-vintage Lands End corduroys in a nice bluish-gray. Just my size in the waist and totally deadstock. They've even un-hemmed, with massive 40 inch inseams right now, so I could totally rock some 3 inch cuffs if I wanted. $2 after the 50% discount.

Lastly (but not least) are some super interesting, vintage foreign pants of some sort. I honestly don't know much about these, but they're a wool/poly mix and very heavy, with some very nice detail work that I've tried to picture below. Check the leg hems, the waistband and the black line detail down the sides of the legs, in addition to the slightly fleur de lis pattern on the hook fastener. Sadly, I got these home and the inseam was much too short for me, so into the trade pile they go. These were also $2, so at least I'm not out too much.

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  1. Do you have any suggestions on how to care for vintage sweaters? I always see them at thrift stores and cannot afford to take them to the dry cleaner!