Thursday, May 16, 2013

Style Share Return: Brooks Brothers flower tie

It goes without saying that I've been kinda busy lately. The toddler in our household turned 2 years old and I ran a half-marathon and things have generally been more than a little on the frantic side. I will make no promises on regularity of future posts, but I will thank those who have sent back photos for Style Share, one of which is featured in this post.

Way back in March, I offered up what I felt were some pretty nice ties and even a hat.

Brooks Brothers flowers

This Brooks Brothers tie with a flower motif was claimed by a reader who prefers to remain anonymous.

Brooks Brothers flower tie

He sent along three photos, with details on the pieces that rounded out his ensemble.

Brooks Brothers flower tie

Brooks Brothers flower tie

As usual, I'll let him tell it.

Because the Kentucky Derby was this weekend, I wore this Friday for work to amuse myself. The tie is paired with a micro-houndstooth Brooks Brothers O.C.B.D (alas, not made in the USA; this is still one of my thrifting white whales). On top is an Orvis gingham sport coat (goes for $198 on its website; I got it for $13).
Down below is a pair of Brooks Brothers plain-front seersucker pants (goes for $98 on its website; I got it for $6) held up by a belt by Narragansett Leathers. To finish, I'm wearing vintage made in the USA Dexter saddle shoes. Everything (but the belt) was thrifted from various Goodwill stores.

I'm a huge fan of the look, in addition to the bargain hunting. Seeing his neat gingham sport coat reminds me I still need something like that to round out my warm weather wear.

As usual, thanks to anonymous for contributing.


  1. Any idea where I would be able to pick up the flower motif tie? I couldn't find it anywhere on the website.

  2. I think it's an older tie. Best bet would probably be looking around on ebay to find something similar.