Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Style Share return: Navy/Green Pendleton

After a long hiatus, I finally got back into action in December. Some times were offered, and many were claimed. This is the second response that I've gotten (although there's certainly at least one good excuse as to why I haven't gotten more).

Pendleton tie

Long time reader, commenter, and all around good guy Mr. Readerston snagged this excellent plaid Pendleton, which I happen to have a duplicate of in my very own collection.

pendleton tie return

Photo courtesy Mr. Readerston

As usual, I'll let him give the details.

Mr. Readerston combined this Pendleton wool tie (courtesy of Mr. Midwester) with an Oxford cloth button-down shirt from Mettler's American Mercantile (gift), a cotton cardigan from Uniqlo (bought new), a Polo University by Ralph Lauren jacket (thrifted), and an unbranded Italian silk pocket square (also thrifted). Both the shirt and the jacket were made in the USA. Out of the shot were a pair of unbranded dark brown heather flannel trousers (thrifted), green wool socks from Lands End (bought new), and brown suede brogues from Bass (also bought new).

That cord jacket is absolutely awesome. I've been looking for one for ages, but haven't yet found one that fits my ape arms. The rest of the layers look nice and cozy too for this time of the year.

Thanks again to Mr. Readerston for participating.

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  1. C'mon, guys, how about a comment or two? I have refrained from saying anything, as I felt it inappropriate for me to be the first commenter on my own Style Share post, but since it's been a couple of weeks now...

    Whaddaya think?