Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Form and function

During a trip to San Francisco last year, I acquired a jacket that was a bit of an oddity. It's a Kenneth Cole (try to stifle your laugh) 3-button number that's styled to close up with a Nehru collar. It's actually one of the nicer garments I've seen from their label in general, with a cut that fits me nearly spot-on. Plus, I got it for cheap. So yeah, no complaints.

Nehru collar
Being able to close up the jacket has also served a real and important purpose on several morning commutes, as many times the temperature is still freezing when I leave the house. It blocks the wind (which was especially important riding into a 25mph northwest blast this morning) and the closed collar helps me conserve some heat on the ride to work.

open collar
Once I get to work it transforms into a somewhat normal-looking three-button jacket, albeit with the interesting lapel details. Today, I paired it with a blue OCBD, a silk/cotton blend vintage Lands' End tie, and a cream-colored pocket square with just a bit of a pattern.

Florsheim ankle boots
I'd mentioned these vintage Florsheim Imperial ankle boots a couple times in recent posts, but I hadn't really gotten a good picture since I'd re polished them. They're a little odd looking, but the leather on them is really taking on a great color after giving them some love.

other dog and me
Here's the whole get-up, along with our other dog Zoey, who amazingly had yet to be pictured on this blog. She had been laying in a sunbeam sleeping just before walking over and joining me for this picture, which explains her sleepy pose.


  1. Aaron:
    A Kenneth Cole jacket?

    Vintage Florsheim ankle boots?

    A Boston Terrier?

    Bicycling to work?

    You're a mid-west urban hipster!

  2. Perhaps it's just my associations with the word over the years, but "hipster" stings a little. To be fair, I bring it on myself a little, so I'll take my medicine...

  3. Kenneth Cole.. so what? Like I say, fit takes precedence over brand. The jacket also has a nice texture. The strap and color of the shoe are excellent.

    Been finding some good clearance deals at Orvis. Might be worth visiting online.

  4. Do you just buy anything at the thrift store you see? Those ankle boots are just horrid. You clothes hardly ever fit either.

  5. I shouldn't even respond, but other than the previous post, which I explicitly mentioned the fit, what are some of the other myriad of post in which my clothes don't fit?

    Regarding the boots, I'll just quote The Big Lebowski; "Well, that's just like... your opinion, man."